GUYPAT (Guy's Disruptive Pattern)

I have hidden six Rabbits in black within the GUYPAT Pattern Below. It took our Canadian Government 12 Years and millions of dollars to Research and Develop, CADPAT a renowned digital pixilated camouflage. The U.S. Marines with the help of the Canadian government spent 9 months and millions of dollars using the 12 years of Canadian Research as a starting point to develop MARPAT. It took me 2 hours to develop GUYPAT after someone requested rabbits to be hidden within the camouflage. I accomplished this with a computer graphics  program that cost just over $100 that I use for many other items.

The picture to the right is how the pattern would look on the Uniform. There are four bunnies present on the uniform; one on the left (your right) shoulder, one over the abdomen, one near the zipper to the left and one on the right cuff of the pants (ears only). There are others but I blended the camouflage so well I can't pick them out.

You never know this pattern might work well with the  Australian SAS, considering the rabbit population in Australia this camouflage might work well with a few color changes for the outback (pictured right, uniform left).  

The purpose of this page is to show how easy it is with the right tools to bury symbols within digital camouflage for intellectual protection.

I made it easier to find these symbols as I used large symbols with just a little cover. 

For more on hidden symbols in CADPAT and MARPAT go here: HyperStealth® CADPAT MARPAT Camouflage Review

Sincerely, Guy Cramer

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