Hyperstealth retains "132 Group"

(November 23, 2011, Vancouver, B.C.) Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp. announces that the company has retained the services of The 132 Group as Advisers and Consultants. The 132 Group’s Principle Officer is William (Bill) Jarvis who has worked with Guy Cramer, President/CEO of Hyperstealth over the past few years while serving as the R&D Manager for ADS Inc.

Mr. Jarvis is a 20 year Navy veteran who spent 19 years in Naval Special Warfare (SEAL Team). Bill spent his last three years on active duty working programs in support of NSW Combat Systems Proponent at Naval Special Warfare Group 2. He was involved in the Special Operations Forces Protective Equipment Advanced Requirement (SPEAR) Program, worked on several camouflage programs and initiatives as well as the Naval Working Uniform (NWU) Type II and III program that fielded Area of Operation specific patterns to Navy Ground Forces.

The 132 Group is a network of former SEAL Operators and Naval Special Warfare Technicians who provide programmatic, equipment specific, and Business Development services to companies desiring to develop or increase their technologies or ability to provide their specific goods and services to the Government. 

Bill has accompanied Cramer on a number of briefings to different U.S. Special Forces Commands, British Military Headquarters in Bristol and the Royal Navy's SBS (Special Boat Service) base in Poole earlier this year and is one of only a few people to see the actual SMARTCAMO (color changing material) and also the Quantum Stealth (Light Bending Material) during a recent briefing.

Cramer comments "Bill is a very experienced operator and has a grasp on our development issues with these new technologies. I was never in the military and do not pretend to fully understand the nature of their operations. Bill has been very quick to point out problems or drawbacks of my prototype technologies which I can then use to problem solve. Given the nature of our intellectual property, it's difficult in business to build a solid trust without having to always look over your shoulder, I am entirely comfortable with Bill as I have never seen him deviate from his ethics and morals and those are rare qualities to find in people today. Bill's addition to our team is more or less a continuation of the work he was doing with ADS Inc. but he now has the time for greater participation with our company and we are already moving ahead on a number of projects that Bill's company; "The 132 Group" has brought to our attention."

Hyperstealth continues to have a great working relationship with ADS Inc. and ADS looks forward to working with Bill on a new level. Hyperstealth will be in the ADS Inc. booth at the Shot Show in January and Mr. Jarvis will be there representing Hyperstealth.


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