How do you make a Grizzly disappear?

Blackwater GRIZZLY in HyperStealth's Spec4ce Desert Dune digital camouflage. This image is copyright 2006 Blackwater, All Rights Reserved.
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(December 12, 2006 Vancouver, B.C.) HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp.

What do you get when you cross the new Blackwater USA GRIZZLY™ Armored Vehicle with the cutting edge Spec4ce camouflage developed by HyperStealth and the 3M Scotchprint print technology to allow the pattern to be printed and stuck to the vehicle = You get one mean looking Grizzly!

Blackwater USA was founded by a former U.S. Navy SEAL who foresaw the requirement that both the military and law enforcement establishments would require additional capacity in the near future.

Blackwater is a professional military, law enforcement, security, peacekeeping, and stability operations firm which provides turnkey solutions. They assist with the development of national and global security policies and military transformation plans. They can train, equip and deploy public safety and military professionals, build live-fire indoor/outdoor ranges, MOUT facilities and shoot houses, create ground and aviation operations and logistics support packages, develop and execute canine solutions for patrol and explosive detection, and can design and build facilities both domestically and in austere environments abroad.

The Blackwater Grizzly is the world’s only Armored Personnel Carrier intended to counter the most lethal threats in the modern urban combat environment.

The GRIZZLY™ incorporates the Blackwater High Threat Armor Protection System© (patent pending).  This state-of-the-art technology is an exceptional armor system unmatched in the urban APC market. The Blackwater High Threat Armor Protection System is engineered to defeat projectiles up to .50 caliber and to provide an IED-survivable envelope.

The GRIZZLY™ is constructed of AR500, the best armored steel in the industry. The passenger compartment walls are angled to deflect the deadly blast waves produced by mines, rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) and improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

HyperStealth's Urban Shadow pattern

HyperStealth developed the KA2 digital camouflage for the Kingdom of Jordan under the commission of King Abdullah II, with over 500,000 uniforms manufactured to date. His Majesty then commissioned HyperStealth to proceed on their Vehicle camouflage program which has resulted in over 3000 Jordanian military vehicles being painted in their digital camouflage.

During the Jordan Vehicle program HyperStealth began to work with the head of 3M Commercial Graphics Division to develop camouflage printed adhesive vinyl for evaluation, leading to the first digital camouflaged vehicle. Two cellular phone towers in the eastern U.S. have also used the Digital HyperStealth Patterns on 3M vinyl.

When Blackwater USA approached 3M for an effective solution to placing camouflage patterns on their large equipment, 3M set up a confrence call between 3M, HyperStealth and Blackwater. Computer simulations by HyperStealth (left) of their camouflage patterns over photos of the new GRIZZLY allowed Blackwater to quickly determine potential solutions. 

Uniform material samples of the new HyperStealth Spec4ce color schemes were sent to a Blackwater engineer at their request. The engineer then began to also simulate enlarged Spec4ce patterns based on the cloth samples on the Grizzly as seen at the top.    

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