Hyperstealth signs European Exclusives with Elba-Onyx Enterprises

(November 18, 2011, Vancouver, B.C.) Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp. announces a series of exclusive camouflage pattern licenses for SOPAT (Special Operations Pattern), SpecAm and CAMOPAT patterns and also the Passive Negative Ion Generator to Elba-Onyx Enterprises (an affiliate of The Onyx Group) with exclusive licenses for NATO, the European Union and non-exclusive licenses outside of these territories.

Guy Cramer, President/CEO of Hyperstealth has been in negotiations with Tad Skoczynski, President of Elba-Onyx Enterprises since August 2011 where they first met steps away from the White House in Washington D.C., Cramer states; "These licenses will allow our product a foothold in Europe and NATO with a proven company that knows how the system works over there. HyperStealth has worked with over 40 countries but those countries in Europe have been very difficult for us to penetrate to this stage. This deal will also help employ many Europeans as the products will all be assembled in Europe. Europe is also very open to the Passive Negative Ion Generator where negative ion devices are widely used and the benefits are understood by the general public, whereas the North American understanding is limited or almost non-existent." 

Elba-Onyx has already arranged for a NATO certified European company to assemble these uniforms with the capacity to produce 1,500 uniforms per day.

Established in 1982, The Onyx Group has attained national recognition for delivering professional services to the United States Department of Defense, other Public Defense Agencies, the Federal Government and selected private organizations. Over the past twenty years, The Onyx Group has established an exceptional record of performance at over 300 major military installations around the world.

Elba-Onyx Enterprises is a special entity created for strategic activities in Poland and the European markets. Its original objective was to work on U.S. Military and NATO projects in Europe. Elba-Onyx professional services include program, project / construction management, design and technology. Elba-Onyx is an affiliate of The Onyx Group, an American corporation with its headquarters in Alexandria, VA.

Elba-Onyx Enterprises and HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp. executed The Exclusive License Agreement, in November 2011. The Agreement provides exclusive rights for Elba-Onyx to market HyperStealth products to Government and non-Government clients in the European Union. The Agreement provides exclusive rights for Elba-Onyx to manufacture HyperStealth products in the European Union. The Licensed Territory: - European Union Countries The Licensed Field: - Wholesale and Retail

The Licensed Products:

- SOPAT camouflage patterns; exclusive product reserved for Special Forces of NATO countries only

- Passive Negative Ion Generator; Exclusive License for all NATO countries, Exclusive License for all EU countries, Non-Exclusive License for all non-EU countries

- SpecAm camouflage patterns exclusive wholesale/retail product for Europe, Non-Exclusive License for all non-EU countries

- CAMOPAT camouflage patterns exclusive wholesale/retail product for Europe, Non-Exclusive License for all non-EU countries

Tad Skoczynski, President of Elba-Onyx Enterprises is duly representing HyperStealth Biotechnology Licensed Products in the License Field and Licensed Territory. For further information contact Tad Skoczynski at: Email: tad@elbaonyx.com

Tadeusz (Tad) Skoczynski organized the corporate structure for Elba-Onyx, including its marketing strategy, budget, and financial projections. He is responsible for negotiations with clients, partners, investors, and contractors. He is an expert in negotiations between Eastern and Western European partners, with a proven ability to operate in an international business environment. Mr. Skoczynski is responsible for acquisition and development of U.S. military and NATO projects in Europe, working closely with the Department of Defense, the U.S. Corps of Engineers, and other governmental agencies in the U.S. and elsewhere.

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