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Canada's National Newspaper "The Globe and Mail" runs a Special feature on Hyperstealth

(October 19, 2011, Vancouver, B.C.) Usually we would just link you to the article. As is often the case with articles like this, the interview process can result in a few factual errors (as I don't get to see the article until it is published) and this article has just a couple of items which I feel need to be corrected or clarified.

The full article can be found here: B.C. camouflage maker: The invisible man

The article incorrectly states  "Founded by Mr. Cramer and his grandfather in 1999, HyperStealth Biotechnology..."

My grandfather was not a founder of HyperStealth (he would have been age 91 at the time) and he did not help develop the Passive Negative Ion Generator (again he was 91 when I developed that technology). I worked as the research assistant to my Grandfather from 1985-1991, I had some other collaboration with him until 1993.

There were four Hyperstealth cofounders in 1999: myself (Guy Cramer), Gino Gemma (an expert in Hyperbaric Chambers), Sven Tjelta (a business consultant) and Robert Dymont (former President, CEO and Global Chairman of Realty World and former President/CEO of Sutton Group). These three other partners are still involved in the company.

In the special section Innovation: Hyperstealth Biotechnology by the numbers the last statement: During a trip to the top-secret U.S. Army Research Laboratory in Washington last month, where he met with senior brass about new camouflage technologies his company is developing, Mr. Cramer was accompanied by an armed guard “every step of the way.”

I was not accompanied by an armed guard, however, there are many of them there. My previous visit to the same lab earlier this year required, as a "foreign national" that I had a full time escort, I don't think he was armed, but he was with me as a shadow for the entire visit. During this most recent visit I had one of their top scientists escort me through the building, again as a foreign national (even with all the clearances) you are not allowed on the base without a full time escort.

A Patent Agent commented the following on the Globe and Mail article:

As the inventor in this story seems pretty savvy, I'm assuming that he knows the difference between the type of protection offered by patents and copyrights. Patents will protect the functionality of his inventions while copyrights will merely protect the expression of an idea. So I'm guessing that while he may copyright his camouflage designs, he keeps teh functionality of designing them a trade secret, which is yet another form of IP. A copyright won't protect the functionality of his smartcamo for example. I'm hoping this article won't result in calls to our office asking to copyright inventions.

My response is as follows:

I am aware of the differences - only the United States allows patents for Camouflage patterns, for all other countries this IP falls under copyright, as well as the U.S., however, the patent for camouflage is considered redundant as copyright covers the IP. I have written an extensive article on this topic

In regards to patents for Smart Camo and Quantum Stealth, (as you correctly state - copyright does not cover these technologies), we are working with the Canadian and U.S. governments to keep these patents classified as secret, meaning that the patents exist but cannot be opened to anyone not cleared by the government until the Patent(s) have been declassified.

Guy Cramer, President/CEO
HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp.

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