U.S. Army Phase IV Camouflage Improvement Program
by Guy Cramer, President/CEO of HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp.

Please note that ADS Inc./Guy Cramer US4CES family of camouflage was selected as a finalist in the Phase IV program. US4CES is pronounced as U.S. Forces.

Part 1: U.S. Army Camouflage Improvement Explained

Part 2: U.S. Army Scorpion Camouflage

Part 3: Why Not Just Use MARPAT?

Part 4: Why US4CES?

 Part 5 Phase IV C3: Camouflage, Color and Cost

Part 6: U.S. Army Phase IV Baseline Patterns, will the Army have to settle with these?

Special Addition: Night Vision Device (Gen-III) comparison photos of US4CES and some of the U.S. Army Phase IV camouflage patterns

Other news stories on US4CES and the Phase IV Program

June 18, 2012 Military.com article with Video Warrior South: Guy Cramer on the US4CES Camo Pattern | Kit Up!

November 6, 2013 Army Times Three-year camo search stalls - for now

ADS Inc. and US4CES designer Guy Cramer, have decided to use Hyperstealth's print on demand process to bring 45 new US4CES patterns in two new series: 15 US4CES Bravo Series patterns and 30 US4CES Charlie Series patterns to the commercial market and for printed camouflage trial material to foreign countries outside of the U.S.

US4CES Woodland in Left Photo Below and US4CES Transitional and US4CES Arid in Right Photo, The vest (heavy nylon) coloration on all three uniforms is our US4CES OCIE. These four colorations make up the US4CES Family of Camouflage which was submitted for the U.S. Army Phase IV Camouflage Improvement Program testing

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