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Patterns below were printed onto Military Grade NYCO fabric in Canada.

(Vancouver, BC, January 30, 2012) Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp. a world leader in camouflage design and development announces TacTex Camouflage.

TacTex is a four color version of an eight color Hyperstealth pattern developed in 2010 and shown at numerous tradeshows including the Warrior Expo East in 2010, as well as the Shot Show in 2011 and 2012 .

TacTex is a hybrid digital camouflage pattern. The name is derived from "Tactical Texture". The pattern was developed as a blend/disruption pattern with a heavier focus on blend. While there are many who swear by the old one color - OD (Olive Drab) research shows that the concealment can be improved with an effective camouflage. Even rolling around in the dirt improves the OD as it picks up dirt and disruption. 

With TacTex we wanted to take this blend effect to the next level by staying with a dominant color scheme such as OD for woodland environments but supplementing this with digital disruption techniques in the brighter highlights and darker texture/shadow effects. We then further refined It with a disruptive fractal (feedback loop) to breakup the human silhouette. 

This pattern has a very likable aesthetic quality appealing to a wide audience who favor the old OD and new digital styles of camouflage without producing something that appears highly computer generated. 

Better yet the pattern utilizes advanced disruption based on recent tests to provide a more effective tactical pattern - camouflage can't all be about the look it must have the utility or it just becomes a fashion show.

This pattern can also be reversed with the same print screens ( darkest colors are switched to the lightest and visa-versa) to produce a distinctly different looking pattern from the original, the appearance becomes a subtle disruptive pattern which gradually breaks up the human form.

This pattern is currently under a temporary worldwide exclusive license.

The President/CEO of HyperStealth is Guy Cramer who has developed proprietary fractal algorithms (feed back loops) to improve camouflage concealment over traditional methods. 

HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp. is considered the world leader in military camouflage pattern design. More than one million (2,000,000) military issued uniforms, over 3,000 vehicles and Supersonic Fighter Jets currently use HyperStealth camouflage patterns. HyperStealth has worked with or been asked to supply patterns for over 40 different countries for their Military or Police.

In 2003, Guy Cramer was commissioned directly by King Abdullah II of Jordan to develop their country’s new digital camouflage uniforms now called the KA2 pattern. Jordan has produced over 750,000 uniforms to date in this pattern. In 2009 the Afghanistan National Army (through a U.S. Government contract) began using HyperStealth’s Afghan Forest pattern with 1.1 million uniforms to be issued in this camouflage.

Cramer has developed over 8,000 patterns which are all under international copyright.

In 2009 Hyperstealth was awarded the solicitation to develop three versions of Urban Patterns for consideration by the Canadian Department of National Defence (DND) for CUEPAT (Canadian Urban Environment Pattern), these patterns were completed in early 2010 and formally presented in Ottawa in June 2010.

HyperStealth developed the Kingdom of Jordan's advanced KA2™ digital pattern, Chile's Fractical™ Pattern, UAE Destex™ Pattern, Slovakian Digital Thunder™ and Cloudcam™ aircraft patterns, India's O8™ pattern, Afghanistan National Army; Spec4ce Afghan Forest Pattern, Special Forces SOPAT™ and Camopat™ patterns, W.L. Gore & Associates (Gore-Tex®) Optifade™ Open Country, Optifade Big Game Forest and Optifade European Forest patterns, 3M® Consealment™ Camouflage printed vinyl and numerous other countries camouflage patterns still within trials.

HyperStealth is referenced in the NATO Programme for Security through Science.


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