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Chile officially selects HyperStealth's Camouflage for their Air Force personnel.

(December 21, 2007, Vancouver, B.C.) HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp. today was granted permission to announce that the Country of Chile had officially selected the HyperStealth Fractical Omni Pattern for their Air Force personnel. The term fractical represents Fractal Tactical Camouflage.

The Chile program was first discussed in July 2006, the initial requirement came from the Chilean Air Force Commando's for a new camouflage designed specifically for the wide range of regional environments in Chile which range from sub-tropical to desert to mountain to woodland.

Cramer's partner in pattern development, Lt. Col. Timothy R. O'Neill, Ph.D. (U.S. Army, Ret.), is considered the world expert on camouflage, both have been under contract to the U.S. Military since 2004.

A number of patterns were developed by Cramer/O'Neill during the year of researching Chile's geography and colors to meet the criteria.

The Fractical Woodland, Omni and Desert patterns were approved for prototyping by the Chile Armed Forces in March of 2007, Material was printed in April and assembled in June and uniforms were delivered in July.

The Air Force Commando's began their initial field trials in July and by September they had selected the Fractical Omni pattern and officially displayed the first uniforms in a Military parade on September 19, 2007. Not only were the test results excellent, the troops embraced the pattern as the team designed the camouflage with functionality first while still retaining the aesthetics which is often a key consideration in selection.

The Omni color scheme was designed for regions in-between Woodland and Desert. The Fractical Omni pattern is expected to begin issue to all 23,500 Chilean Air Force Personnel in 2008.

The Fractical pattern is scheduled for trials by the Chilean Army with their Marines and Navy to follow for selection of the optimal color schemes for each service and the fractical pattern will be under an exclusive license to the country of Chile. It is expected that all branches will be using the Fractical pattern before the end of 2008 

The Chilean Army is already moving forward on testing HyperStealth's vinyl consealment™ technology utilizing the HyperStealth camouflage for their M-113 APC (Armored Personal Carrier) and the Army is also having the Fractical pattern printed onto special 3M aviation vinyl and applied to Chilean Army Helicopters for trials to reduce their visual signature.

HyperStealth has been working with 3M since 2004 on development of the HyperStealth consealment technology where a complex HyperStealth camouflage pattern or photorealistic pattern of a specific location (using the HyperStealth name Repliclone™) is printed onto 3M vinyl and applied to mitigate the visual impact of the object.

Actual weapon with 3M printed vinyl applied placed on real cloth from the HyperStealth Spec4ce Woodland production run. Photo taken in 2006

The country of Jordan’s KA2 (HyperStealth Developed) pattern on a Chevy Suburban in early 2005. There are two different 3M materials used on this vehicle: Scotchprint® and ScotchCal® window coating - the occupants can see out these windows.

Their (Cramer/O'Neill) Photorealistic Camouflage (called Repliclone) images below are from the BLM/DOI (Department of Interior / Bureau of Land Management) Visual Mitigation study program in 2004 can be seen below:

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While visual signature reduction is important to military aircraft, further reduction of the thermal, Infrared, and electronic emissions and reducing radar reflection (those areas which current military technologies can easily acquire) is considered crucial with modern military aircraft.

Guy Cramer, is also considered an expert by NASA's JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) in the field of "Atmospheric Ions" and he has been working since 2004 to combine proprietary radio wave absorption technology into the HyperStealth concealment vinyl. In 2006, an independent test in the U.S. confirmed a 45% reduction of signal with the modified "Consealment" Vinyl. Further advanced technology is being researched to improve this reduction for the United States Military.

Currently the HyperStealth "Consealment" technology is only rated for subsonic aircraft, ground vehicles, buildings and surface ships. HyperStealth has developed a special process for applying complex camouflage patterns to supersonic aircraft and submarines.

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