Camouflage for Sport

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(January 2, 2007 Vancouver, B.C.) HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp.

EcoFlage Simulations
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EcoFlage -

EcoFlage - Deciduous

EcoFlage - Everglades

EcoFlage - Conifer

EcoFlage - Woodland

EcoFlage - Ponderosa

EcoFlage - Fall

EcoFlage - Bark

EcoFlage - Marsh

EcoFlage - Wetland

EcoFlage - Desert

EcoFlage - Mountaineer

EcoFlage - Sage

EcoFlage - Snow

EcoFlage - Winter Blaze

EcoFlage - Summer Blaze

A company approached Guy Cramer, President/CEO of HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp. with a request for an improved hunting pattern for the United States to those already available in the market. The Camouflage design team of Cramer and Lt. Col. Timothy R. O'Neill, Ph.D. (U.S. Army, Ret.), considered to be the foremost world expert on camouflage, proceeded to develop a pattern which was more adapt at fooling the visual systems of animals which differs from human sight. This gave the team a more rudimentary visual system to deceive than those military projects the team usually works on.

The solution was a fractal - a geometric series of shapes which correspond and mimicked fractals found in nature. A fractal pattern would be better able to blend over wider terrain features than photorealistic hunting patterns. The team also wanted one fractal pattern which using only color change and 90 degree rotation could be varied for most environments found around the world. Thus while one color scheme may work over a much wider area than previous hunting camouflages, color shifts are required to change the appearance of the spatial frequency (disruption elements) for different regions, where terrain with few features require a pattern with more subtle differences. 

The Ecoflage pattern is a cross using a coarse digital element (background texture matching) and traditional edged features interwoven in front and behind to provide a elements of depth, shadows and highlights typical of natural growth or geological formations scaled to best disrupt the human shape.   

The resulting fractal pattern, although primarily designed for the deception of animal vision should also work on the more complex human visual system where the person using the pattern is using cover or moving through cover rather than open ground. Whereas military patterns are usually designed for lowering detection in both open and covered ground

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