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Vancouver, B.C., June 28, 2011, HyperStealth announces a previously undisclosed concealment process called FADESPAT (Field Applied Digital Environment Specific Patterns). FADESPAT is a Rapid Deployment Camouflage System which has been quietly used for close to 18 months; sometimes a Specialized Combat Team doesn't have weeks or even days to wait for camouflage uniforms to be made to match their Area of Operation. FADESPAT is meant for this "Boots on the Ground", on the move team. The process has been in use since January 2010 when a Special Team provided the scenarios and requirements; Guy Cramer, President/CEO of HyperStealth, was tasked to develop the solution. The outcome was a prototype that worked so well, it is still being used. Due to this being "Security Sensitive", we are unable to show the process.

Why would you need a location specific camouflage pattern? The farther you zoom out from a target location, the more varied the surroundings become. Background colors change and the environment can change to urban, rural, farmland, mountain, woodland, arid... When developing for a country we have to take all of these things into account and provide a compromise which can work in many of these areas, but won't be ideal in all of them. FADESPAT provides a close to ideal solution for the specific target area.

The FADESPAT process has been refined and scaled up since it was first used in early 2010 and the system has now been developed for vehicle camouflage. How does it work? Details are confidential at this time but there is no training required - only a simple set of instructions to follow. Cramer points out "when you ask someone to do a new task in the field without supervision, the learning curve has to be kept to an absolute minimum."

Further modifications are taking this to a whole new level which will be announced shortly.

Ghostex was developed in 2010 as a Joint Venture between HyprStealth and ADS Inc. for the Special Operations team that knows where it's going and has a few weeks of time to prepare. FADESPAT fills in the time gap that Ghostex can't achieve. Ghostex is currently printing 400-500 yards per month, this capacity will double in September/October and expected to quadruple in 2012 at a second location with more machines. 21 different patterns have been printed on these machines to date. Cramer has developed close to 10,000 patterns under worldwide copyright. Recently the speed of the Ghostex process was confirmed when an urgent request for 480 inches x 62 inches wide of four different camouflage prints on military specification fabric came in at 10 AM and by 2 PM the material was out the door arriving at 8 AM the next business day in Virginia Beach.

Among the more notable technologies Cramer has pioneered:

1999 Passive Negative Ion Generator

2003 Fractal Camouflage

2004 Repliclone Camouflage (photorealistic concealment vinyl)

2005 Symmytry Axis Disruption with Fractals

2005 Location Determined Camouflage

2005 ADC2 (Analog to Digital Camouflage Conversion) Project

2005 Vehicle Vinyl Applied Camouflage

2005 Supersonic Digital Camouflage

2005 SpecAm Camouflage Uniforms with Passive Negative Ion Generator

2006 Spec4ce Camouflage Uniforms with Passive Negative Ion Generator

2006 Consealment Weapon Camouflage

2006 SOPAT Special Operations Pattern

2007 CAMOPAT Hybrid Digital Camouflage

2008 Optifade Open Country hunting pattern (W.L. Gore)

2009 Optifade Forest tree stand hunting pattern (W.L. Gore)

2009 Optifade European Forest hunting pattern (W.L. Gore)

2010 CUEPAT (Candian Urban Environment Pattern) 

2010 FADESPAT (Field Applied Digital Environment Specific Patterns)

2010 Ghostex - Direct Camouflage Printing to Military Specified Textiles - Short Run Camouflage Production

2010 Smartcamo - Color Changing Camouflage Material

2011 Quantum Camouflage - Adaptive (Light Bending) Material

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