Is HAARP responsible for recent worldwide Jellyfish Blooms?

By Guy Cramer,


(Vancouver, B.C., January 1, 2010) In 2006, the U.S. Government High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project (HAARP) the world’s most powerful antenna array goes to full power; bee hives collapse and jellyfish swarm. Is this new U.S. Defense program (currently used to communicate globally with the U.S. Submarine fleet) inadvertently causing unprecedented jellyfish population explosions in the oceans?


On June 1, 2007 I posted a paper which discussed the association between the Honey Bee Disappearances (Colony Collapse Disorder – CCD) and the HAARP transmitted signals which are also strongest within the same region as the Colony Collapse Disorder. CCD is devastating the bee populations and crops which are dependent on their pollination.


Only in 2009 as other theories fell apart did my data begin to be picked up by leading researchers in bioengineering as a potential candidate for CCD.


One of the main purposes of HAARP is to allow for U.S. submarine communication at any depth, whereas prior to HAARP a submarine either had to be close to the surface or close to the ocean bottom to pick up transmitted signals which were broadcast at low frequencies produced by large antennas with cables that ran in the ground for hundreds of miles in many directions, the signal would travel through the crust of the earth and into the ocean seabed.


In 2006 unprecedented population growth occurred in a number of worldwide jellyfish species, these are referred to as jellyfish blooms (increases in large magnitudes over typical years).    


Jellyfish Blooms occur in the medusa stage of their life cycle, scientists are just beginning to understand the triggers for these blooms as the life-cycle of a jellyfish means that they reproduce sexually (sperm and egg) and then eventually hatch as a planula larva and swim to attach themselves to the seafloor which then becomes a small polyp where they can be idle for years until something triggers them to asexually reproduce to form the medusa (many are hatched from one polyp) the medusa stage is the most recognized form of  jellyfish.


Scientists are beginning to believe that Global Warming of the oceans may be the trigger to account for these blooms that have occurred in a number of places around the world which could threaten the ocean balance of our fish dominated waters. Evidence suggests that these blooms may not be due to Global Warming but a manmade trigger – HAARP.


The High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project (or H.A.A.R.P. as it is more widely referred to), is the world’s most powerful antenna array located in Alaska. It a congressionally initiated program jointly managed by the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy. HAARP began transmissions in late 1994 and transitioned to full power in 2006; the highest reception of signals transmitted cover similar regions to many of these jellyfish blooms.


HAARP has a number of uses ranging from ionosphere research to underground signal penetration and reflection to view underground bunkers. However, the primary use (at this time) is global submarine communication for the United States Navy as previous forms of submarine communication consisted of underground antenna which produced side effects for humans and animals in the transmission locations.


Jellyfish Blooms: Where, When?


Bering Sea, Alaska


The initial evidence of abnormal blooms came from a location close to HAARP - the Bering Sea (many of you will know this location from the TV program “Deadliest Catch” off the state of Alaska).  In the late 1990’s (as HAARP became active) the Jellyfish unexpectedly bloomed to levels 40 times higher than normal and while the population of these jellyfish have dropped from their highs, the reason for the drop is likely that they outsized their food source, the populations remain higher than prior to the blooms.


Since this time there are widespread jellyfish blooms in Hawaii, the Gulf of Mexico, the east coast of the U.S., the Bering Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, Australia, the Black Sea and other European seas, the Sea of Japan, the North Sea and Namibia.


While scientists are still researching the triggers which cause the seafloor polyp to form into the medusa stage, we can see that the lunar cycle has a direct influence on one particular species.




In Hawaii Poisonous Box Jellyfish have increased in numbers over the past few years. Eight to twelve days after the full moon thousands of these jellyfish invade the shallow waters around Hawaii.  


We know that the Full Moon changes the ground potential on the surface of the Earth which in-turn increases positive ions in the atmosphere (HAARP is also able to mimic these same effects as a byproduct of operations). These effects should also affect the ocean seabed where the polyps attach themselves, so it is unlikely to be an issue of reflected light from the moon but one of geophysical interaction of the moon on the seabed which is causing the polyps to trigger the medusa stage.




In 2006 Australia recorded double the amount of stings from the jellyfish: Portuguese man-of-war than from the previous year, the same year that HAARP transitioned to full power.




Pelagia noctiluca jellyfish has bloomed in the Mediterranean for over 200 years on a typical twelve year cycle beginning with a bloom and follow by a couple of years of higher than average counts, however 2008 marks the eighth year in a row for blooms from this species.


HAARP began testing in 1994 but began regular operations began around the years 1998-2000.


The Sea of Japan


Nomurai jellyfish can weigh up to 450 pounds and bells measuring close to seven feet in diameter can number in the millions in a bloom and decimate the fish in the region. Before the year 2000 only three blooms of the Nomurai had ever been reported in Asian waters, Since the year 2000 the Nomurai have bloomed every summer in larger numbers than the three reports prior to the year 2000.




These large jellyfish blooms started in the late 1990’s and have continued each year, whereas prior to the 1990’s any bloom would disappear within several months. The Namibian bloom affects over 30,000 nautical miles and outweighs the fish in the region by a factor of four.


East Coast of the U.S.


Mnemiopsis jellyfish have decimated the fish populations as they continually eat and recent blooms over the past few years have not allowed other competing predators to acquire enough food.


The Gulf of Mexico


A dead zone produced every summer by the Mississippi runoff increase algae blooms which robs the zone of oxygen is all but inhabitable, except for Jellyfish which now thrive in the Gulf due to the lack of predators. The zone in 2008 measured over 8,000 square miles.


Great Britain, Northern Ireland and Ireland


In November 2007, billions of mauve stinger jellyfish 10 square miles and 35 feet deep killed every one of the 120,000 salmon in a fish farm. A few days later and a few miles down the coast they killed another 150,000 young salmon.


The Black Sea


A non-native jellyfish, Mnemiopsis (same one from the East Coast of the U.S.), is thought to have been accidentally dumped into the Sea by a U.S. ship blowing out its ballast water. In the late 1990’s the Black Sea had over one billion tons of this jellyfish, which is over 10 times the weight of all fish caught around the world each year. In 1997 another accidental introduction of the Beroe jelly has calmed the Black Sea population explosion as it only eats the Mnemiopsis.  


The Gulf of Oman and Persian Gulf


From 2002-2003 jellyfish bloomed over hundreds of miles. No external triggers due to water temperature variations, pollution or other environmental or manmade changes seemed to coincide with these blooms.




Science is about repeating the cause and effect to provide a definitive relationship. Ecology is study of the organisms and their interactions with their environment. In this case we may have the operations of HAARP accidentally triggering an ecological imbalance in our oceans? Similar data I reviewed on the Honey Bee Collapse (CCD) in 1997 showed us time and range where the greatest impact was and how this data corresponded to HAARP’s increased activity and range in the same period of time. While that research only showed an effect of one particular species, I knew if the theory was valid, other species would also show similar cause and effect to HAARP.


It appears that HAARP may inadvertently be causing polyps on the ocean floor to asexually reproduce much more rapidly than natural cycles allowed for into these medusa blooms thus tipping the scales from fish dominated oceans and seas to those now being infested with jellyfish.  


About the Author

What do I bring to the table which is different from other researchers in these area? NASA JPL considers me the expert in Air Ions and have requested my research based on the fact that I was the lone research assistant for my Grandfather, Donald L. Hings, P.Eng, M.B.E. (Member of British Empire), C.M. (Order of Canada) and inventor of the first true Walkie-Talkie in 1937.

Among Hings 55 patents (23 patents in the field of electronics), included some of the more notable;
Electronic Musical Instrument (Electronic Piano) U.S. Patent #2,492,919
Molded Circuit Boards U.S. Patent #2,703,377
Linear Rolling Motor U.S. Patent #3,555,380 (bullet trains propulsion)
Oil finding device U.S. Patent # 4,458,205.
Hings also invented the technology used for the DEW Line (Distant Early Warning Line) operated by NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) for over 30 years and a precursor to HAARP.

We (Hings and I) met with the two heads of Geophysics Departments for both Simon Fraser University and UBC (University of British Columbia) in 1991 and both Professors said what we were working on was Geophysics but at a level so advanced that neither had ever seen any technology or research which came close to Hings research at that time. It is with this knowledge that I continue where my grandfather left off.

Guy Cramer


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