Hyperstealth Deceptex Uniforms to be assembled by ICE Tactical

Hyperstealth Designed, Printed and Assembled          Deceptex Victor 14

(Vancouver, B.C. June 20, 2012) Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp. announces that ICE (Integrated Combat Equipment) Tactical will be assembling the Hyperstealth Deceptex uniforms. After reviewing the requirements and working with Hobey Walker of ICE Tactical on a current Hyperstealth project, Guy Cramer, President/CEO of Hyperstealth states: "this makes much more sense to provide a higher quality garment than we would be able to do ourselves. This is ICE Tactical's area of expertise and ours is on the pattern and printing side. It was ADS Inc. that recommended that I contact Hobey Walker for this Deceptex program as his company is only an hour drive from Hyperstealth. Hobey has made 20 uniforms for Hyperstealth in the past month from our printed material and he is working on another 8 which will be ready on Monday. We can't tell you who the user is for all these 28+ uniforms (not shown) - due to an NDA, but we are using this to refine the Deceptex printing and assembly process so we have it all nailed down when we do open the site for orders (shortly).

Initially we will only be offering Deceptex for Jackets and Pants and Helmet covers but ICE Tactical has the ability to make Boonie Hats, Load Carrying Gear, Platforms, Pouches, Accessories and Shelters, these may come later for all Deceptex patterns once we source the heavier textiles that work best with our Hyperstealth Textile Printers and work within the ICE Tactical capabilities."

DECEPTEX, is an innovative "Print on Order" camouflage system capitalizing on 21st century technology. Deceptex is not a camouflage pattern but a camouflage system; Hyperstealth will use their two large format digital inkjet textile printers to print any Deceptex pattern as customer will be able to order one or more uniforms based on a selection of hundreds of Hyperstealth Camouflage patterns (currently there are 259 Deceptex patterns). http://www.hyperstealth.com/deceptex/

Here is some information from ICE Tactical's web site: http://www.icetactical.com/info.html
ICE manufactures a complete line of advanced tactical equipment and clothing. Our gear exceeds the demands of today’s operators. We offer a complete systems approach to protective clothing, load bearing, and personal protective equipment. Our clothing and equipment are designed to work together to offer better environmental protection, camouflage, comfort, and ease of use than any other manufacturer.

For over twenty years we’ve created gear that has been used by Special Operations teams, SWAT, FBI, NASA, and all branches of the military. Our design work has included flight certified insulated clothing for the Antarctic and Arctic. We designed and manufactured the revolutionary SIPE program for Natick Labs that led to the Land/Future Force Warrior programs with advanced Chem/Bio, ballistic, and environmental protection. Our civilian clothing has been worn on top of Mount Everest and climbed the hardest mixed ice routes in the Canadian Rockies, New England, and Colorado. We look at all the ergonomic and functional needs of today’s operators and build products that reflect the change in the modern battlefield.

Our clean designs are made to enhance user efficiency. From total modularity to easily accessible ergonomic features, our gear and clothing make your job easier.

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