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October 3, 2007: Jordan expands Armed Forces modernization as a force Multiplier

July 9, 2006 King Abdullah II and Prince Hussein Watch World Cup Soccer Final Match

June 19, 2006 King Abdullah II Interviewed with the German Der Spiegel Magazine

June 16, 2006 Vancouver Province Newspaper Article Paintball passion led to digital disguises

June 14, 2006 Defense Industry Daily article Jordan Adopts Fractal Vehicle Camouflage

June 12, 2006 The Kingdom of Jordan reveals new KA2 Digital Vehicle Camouflage as a Force Multiplier

May 21, 2006 The Kingdom of Jordan Customs Department receives a new KA2 digital camouflage color scheme

March 29, 2006 The Kingdom of Jordan hosts their SOFEX (Special Operation Exhibition)

March 21, 2006 Defense Industry Daily article Fractal Creep: New Digitized Camo Uniforms for USAF, USN, Jordan

March 13, 2006 The Kingdom of Jordan officially unveils their Civil Defense Directorate KA2 Blue/Grey Digital Camouflage

January 8, 2006: Defense Industry Daily article HyperStealth's Fractal Camo Patterns Successfully Tested For Aircraft

December 28, 2005 HyperStealth goes Supersonic - Digital Camouflage for Mach 2+

Oct. 30, 2005 Queen Rania of Jordan sends urgent plea to the world from Muzaffarabad, Pakistan

New Article October 19, 2005: King Abdullah Underscores Jordan will be Stronger than all Circumstances

New Article October 4, 2005: King Abdullah honors Jordan's Special Forces

New Article September 28, 2005: King Abdullah shows Confidence and Pride for Jordan's Public Security Department

New Article September 27, 2005: Jordanian Police transition to their new KA2 Advanced Digital Urban Camouflage

New Article July 28, 2005: Special Forces issued with the new Woodland Digital KA2 pattern

New Article June 29, 2005: KA2 Digital Camouflage Program Update

New Article June 20, 2005: Royal Naval Forces select KA2 Deep Blue Digital Camouflage Pattern

New Article June 12, 2005: Jordan Armed Forces modernization continues with wide scale issue of new KA2 Digital Camouflage

New Article June 6, 2005: Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan celebrates Army day with new KA2 Digital Camouflage

New Article June 4, 2005: Kingdom of Jordan takes lead in Advanced Digital Camouflage with KA2 pattern

The Science of Digital Camouflage Design

Jordanian troops issued new Desert Digital Battle Dress Uniforms

Police Units in the Kingdom of Jordan to be issued new Advanced Digital Urban Camouflage Designated PSD Urban

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