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HyperStealth Repliclone

Vinyl Printed Photographic Camouflage

(November 26, 2007, Vancouver, B.C.) Due to the nature of the business many of the projects HyperStealth are involved with remain confidential and as such only approximately 10-15% of our work is discussed publicly on our web site. To date Hyperstealth has developed over 7,000 camouflage patterns under copyright. In addition to pattern design they've also developed a number of application techniques for both military and industry for large scale concealment yet most of their research in this area remains confidential.   

Back in 2004 the team proposed the idea of camouflaging a structure with printed 3M adhesive vinyl using a photo image of the surrounding landscape for the U.S. Department of Interior (DOI) / Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Visual Mitigation study. Since 2004 they’ve been working with the DOI/BLM and 3M Head Quarters refining the process for the Visual Mitigation program which is currently considering a few different application techniques. Their Photorealistic Camouflage (called Repliclone) images below are from the BLM/DOI program in 2004 can be seen below:

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Are photo realistic images the best possible military concealment solution: The short answer is no, especially for a mobile vehicle or aircraft once you move out of the specific environment your camouflage actually becomes a hindrance, this is why military camouflage (shown below with printed 3M Vinyl) avoids photorealistic concealment, there are a number of other problems with this method of concealment but these cannot be discussed at this time. 

In 2006 HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp. announced a new program called ConSEALment™ (3M Scotchprint adhesive vinyl printed with HyperStealth camouflage patterns), this program came about after 2 years of R&D with 3M.

Actual weapon with 3M printed vinyl applied placed on real cloth from the HyperStealth Spec4ce Woodland production run. Photo taken in 2006

The country of Jordan’s KA2 (HyperStealth Developed) pattern on a Chevy Suburban in early 2005. There are two different 3M materials used on this vehicle: Scotchprint® and ScotchCal® window coating - the occupants can see out these windows.

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 Patterns may be licensed only with permission.

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