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Spec4ce Camouflage - Series 2 - Color Schemes Revealed

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(February 2, 2006, Vancouver, B.C.) HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp. Spec4ce Disclosure.

The camouflage design team of Dr. Timothy R. O'Neill and Guy Cramer during their recent development of SOPAT (Special Operations Pattern - still under research) and evaluations of a few other patterns, found a few elements which they were able to place together into a pattern that fulfilled specific requirements. The  Spec4cepattern has been approved for production.

Going back to Dr. O'Neill's research used by the U.S. Marines in developing MARPAT (U.S. Marines Pattern), O'Neill/Cramer focused on the optimal macro pattern elements not used in MARPAT and the team concluded it was time to take the unused research on the macropattern symmetry axis disruption and combine it with the effective micropattern (Digital pixels) used in CADPAT (Canadian Disruptive Pattern) and MARPAT and then combine this with the fader pixels from SpecAm. The macropattern spatial frequency - (large blobs), is smaller than Jordan's digital KA2 developed by Cramer but larger than CADPAT and MARPAT both based on Dr. O'Neill's research work.

The darkest color is strategically placed to create a boundary luminance gradient between the two dominant color layers which creates a better disruption element between the two similar hues. Colorblind people see similar color layers the same and the disruption effect is lost - the green hue of night vision has the same effect and the target shape is easier to detect, thus the boundary luminance gradient helps separate these colors even under colorblind conditions.

SPEC4CE Woodland

SPEC4CE Forest

SPEC4CE Tropical

SPEC4CE Desert Dune

SPEC4CE Metro (Police & Military only)


Further refinements included reduced use of large dark regions in the fourth layer which the human eye picks up easier with movement and instead they dispersed this dark region within the third layer to produce a textured background look.

The ability of the pattern colors to be reversed and cause the pattern to take on a different look was also considered and applied thus creating one pattern with the ability using color placement to be used in both positive areas (lots of cover) and negative regions (open with little cover).   

It was also decided that this pattern being able to be changed with color placement for both positive or negative areas could use the Global Satellite Determined Regional Color Program started with SpecAm.  

There is also a large western European country piggybacking their camouflage program on Spec4ce as a way to cut the typical huge costs involved in testing and developing a camouflage pattern, this country will have unique color combinations specific to their country and operational theaters and these colors schemes may not be available outside of their country - those color schemes are not presented on this page. 

Production is to begin shortly in the first quarter of 2006 with delivery expected by Spring of 2006. Sales shipments should commence soon after. Pre-order

Actual printed colors may be different than those shown here. Other color schemes are expected for future production runs.

In 2005 the design team co-wrote the paper "Individual Soldier Camouflage: What the Sniper's Eye Tells the Sniper's Brain. Timothy R. O'Neill, US Army Defense Consultant, & Guy Cramer, Hyperstealth, Inc. and it was presented to APA Div 21 Annual Symposium on Applied Experimental Research George Mason University, Fairfax, VA,  - the paper itself is still considered defense proprietary but public papers on digital camouflage and why it works have been provided by the team (located in the references).

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New Article October 9, 2005: Satellite Determined - Regional Specific SpecAm Camouflage



 Patterns may be licensed only with permission.

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