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SMARTCAMO™ Color Changing Camouflage Materials presented by Hyperstealth CEO at Brussels International Camouflage Symposium

MARPAT Desert (Left)
Hyperstealth DSP™ (Disruptive Sniper Pattern) 2007 (Middle)
MARPAT Forest (Right)

Background image is Hyperstealth Thortex 2007


The darker Afghanistan National Army Spec4ce
Forest Camouflage was chosen primarily due to its night-time effectiveness, however it stands out during the day within lighter Arid regions of the country.


Cramer discussed how a helicopter with "SMARTCAMO" could have a ground matching pattern when on the ground but transition the camouflage to a neutral aircraft gray color for flight or even a sky camouflage if need be.

Hyperstealth RADEP pattern 2008

(Vancouver, B.C., December 1, 2010) Guy Cramer, President/CEO of Hyperstealth was asked to make a presentation on Fractal camouflage at the International Camouflage Symposium called "Camouflage takes Centre Stage" in Brussels in October 2010. His presentation was titled "Fractals in Camouflage and the Future of Adaptive Materials for Mobile Concealment". At the end of the presentation, the audience was provided a video glimpse of SMARTCAMO technology Cramer had developed which surprised even the camouflage experts in attendance who claimed this was 5-10 years in advance of where military R&D programs were currently at.

The video was of an actual camouflage cloth around his arm, which could change colors between Desert and Woodland and anything in-between, the colors also showed the ability to become brighter than the desert colors for use in a late fall climate or even snow. Cramer announced at the end of the presentation that the video was to be released on the HyperStealth web site after the conference.

Since that presentation he has been asked not to release the video to the public at the request of the U.S. Military

The initial portion of Cramer's presentation discussed how he had been the research assistant during the 1980's and 1990's for his Grandfather, Donald L. Hings, P.Eng, M.B.E. (Member of British Empire), C.M. (Order of Canada). Hings had invented the Walkie-Talkie prior to World War II and had 56 other patents.

Cramer discussed how in 2003 he had pioneered methods to create fractals (feedback loops) in camouflage, to date over 8,000 camouflage patterns had been copyright with this method. He discussed the latest 4th generation fractal camouflage which has been objectively tested to increase the time to detect the target (where is it) by over 220 % and also increase the time to identify the target (what is it) by 170 % over current digital camouflage.

The second part of Cramer's presentation was on technology dealing with adaptive camouflage for mobile concealment. With a focus on Nanotechnology, Cramer revealed how HyperStealth already had access to inexpensive Nanoinks and Nanomaterials which were already being used in the commercial market.

Smart (Interactive/Intelligent textiles) are textiles embedded with some form of technology which can adjust to their surroundings or user. Most research in this area is being done with Nanotechnology or Metamaterials.

One large issue for ground forces is uniform camouflage pattern coloration. In recent years many militaries have attempted to use one "All-Terrain" coloration which may work fine in places like Afghanistan but is to green and dark for Desert environments and to light for Woodland/Jungle environments. Do you simply move back to the traditional two or three uniform system; one for each environment? One drawback for camouflage that is often overlooked is the diurnal (Dawn/Day/Dusk/Night) issue. This was a primary reason for the Afghanistan National Army (ANA) selecting a darker woodland fractal pattern as the pattern tested very well in night operations where the majority of combat was taking place. The country of Jordan also selected a darker desert HyperStealth pattern in 2003 due to other desert camouflage colors literally "shining" at night.

So even if a pattern coloration is optimized for a particular environment it is unlikely to be as effective throughout the 24 hour day/night cycle.

Cramer's Hybrid approach showed how you could combine new technologies with preexisting for a cost effective - yet quick applicable solution to the problem. Slight modifications to the system will allow a mobile or moving camouflage for uniforms. 

While wide scale application of such an approach could change the entire military textile industry for camouflage, it seems that the U.S. may choose to keep this one to themselves for the time being with the new potential to provide an adaptive camouflage uniform embedded with SMART Camouflage™ or "SMARTCAMO"™ to color match the uniform to almost any environment day or night.

The SMARTCAMO process can also be used for vehicles, ships, aircraft and spacecraft.

Earlier this year Cramer announced that he had developed "Quantum Stealth" a true cloaking technology for air, sea and land vehicles over the broad spectrum of visual and electronic detection measures. 

Part of the Quantum Stealth technology is based on Quantum Mechanics and the prototype material has demonstrated the ability to actually cloak targets as visually undetectable (invisible to the viewer). 

Over one and a half million uniforms now use HyperStealth patterns.

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Camouflage takes Centre Stage

Afghan National Army is transitioning to the HyperStealth Spec4ce Afghan Forest pattern Afghanistan National Army (ANA) uniform.

Development of Walkie Talkie from 1930-1945

Who actually developed the first Walkie-Talkie?

Donald L. Hings, Inventor of the Walkie-Talkie spoke of the Philadelphia Experiment

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