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HyperStealth Land Camouflage

June 28, 2012 Discreet by Design: How HyperStealth’s Algorithms Build Better Camo

June 20, 2012 Hyperstealth Deceptex™ Uniforms to be assembled by ICE Tactical

June 18, 2012 rticle with Video Warrior South: Guy Cramer on the US4CES Camo Pattern | Kit Up!

May 17, 2012 online exclusive HyperStealth Camouflage Designs

May 8, 2012 Wired Magazine Hiding in Plain Sight: Invisibility cloaks are almost a reality with fractal-camouflage clothing

May 1, 2012 Deceptex "Print on Order Camouflage" comes to the masses

March 23, 2012 Aviation Week New Camouflage Developments On The Horizon

March 16, 2012 CNN Canadian helps soldiers disappear


February 14, 2012 ADS Unveils Army Camouflage Finalist Patterns



January 30, 2012 Hyperstealth announces TacTex™ Camouflage



January 10, 2012 Afghanistan Partner Unit (APU) issued the Ghostex Kilo-1 Pattern




Oct. 31, 2011 CUEPAT (Canadian Urban Environment Pattern) Trial Uniforms



Oct. 31, 2011 BLM experiments with camouflage to hide renewable power structures



Oct. 19, 2011 Canada's National Newspaper "The Globe and Mail" runs a Special feature on Hyperstealth



Oct. 18, 2011 Afghanistan Border Police (ABP) authorizes the Ghostex Kilo-1 Pattern



Oct. 3, 2011 Spec4ce Series 2 In Stock and Available to Order



July 28, 2011 NPR Cramer's Camouflage Helps Troops Stay Stealthy



June 28, 2011 FADESPAT (Field Applied Digital Environment Specific Patterns)




June 17, 2011 CNN Army sets out to buy three new camouflage patterns



June 14, 2011 The Atlantic Invisible, Inc.



June 4, 2011 Air Force Times Inventor touts new, stealthy camouflage




February 14, 2011 CNN Feature: USMC Snipers (Snow Camouflage co-developed by Hyperstealth's CEO)



February 3, 2011 Soldier Systems: More on HyperStealth’s SMARTCAMO


January 21, 2011 Chameleon Camo is Here — Maybe


December 1, 2010 SMARTCAMO™ Color Changing Camouflage Materials presented by Hyperstealth CEO at Brussels International Camouflage Symposium

September 4, 2010 Spec4ce Series 2 Camouflage Production Begins - 15 different color schemes

July 15, 2010 ADS Inc, and HyperStealth announce a Joint Venture "Ghostex" Tactical Deception: U.S. Special Forces and U.S. Homeland Security can now select unique camouflage patterns for short run production to better match operational areas




August 20, 2008 Copyright and Camouflage Patterns

May 17, 2008 CAMOPAT Revealed

January 29, 2008 USMC Snow Camouflage

November 26, 2007 - HyperStealth Repliclone - Vinyl Printed Photographic Camouflage

October 17, 2007 SpecAm / Spec4ce Uniform Photos

October 3, 2007: Jordan expands Armed Forces modernization as a force Multiplier

June 25, 2007: Spec4ce Forest Production Prototype - color, spatial frequency, reflection test photos

January 2, 2007 Ecoflage Camouflage for Sport

September 14, 2006: 3M® ScotchPrint Vinyl begins to take shape with HyperStealth® Spec4ce™ weapons ConSealment™

August 25, 2006: Spec4ce Camouflage - Series 2 - Color Schemes Revealed

July 18, 2006 The Spec4ce production run printing is completed - we have photos

June 30, 2006 HyperStealth's New ECU (Elite Combat Uniform) with integrated Ion Emitter

June 16, 2006 Vancouver Province Newspaper Article Paintball passion led to digital disguises

June 14, 2006 Defense Industry Daily article Jordan Adopts Fractal Vehicle Camouflage

June 12, 2006 The Kingdom of Jordan reveals new KA2 Digital Vehicle Camouflage as a Force Multiplier

May 30, 2006 SOPAT (Special Operations Pattern) 

May 21, 2006 The Kingdom of Jordan Customs Department receives a new KA2 digital camouflage color scheme

May 16, 2006 U.S. Army comes full circle (or should we say Square) in Vehicle Camouflage

April 24, 2006 HyperStealth ConSealment™ (Camouflage adhesive 3M® vinyl)

March 29, 2006 The Kingdom of Jordan hosts their SOFEX (Special Operation Exhibition)

March 21, 2006 Defense Industry Daily article Fractal Creep: New Digitized Camo Uniforms for USAF, USN, Jordan

March 13, 2006 The Kingdom of Jordan officially unveils their Civil Defense Directorate KA2 Blue/Grey Digital Camouflage

February 2, 2006 SPEC4CE Camouflage Revealed

January 30, 2006 Photos from the Set of the Movie "The Last Sentinel" of HyperStealth's SpecAm Desert Viper & SpecAm Urbanized Terrain Uniforms

January 28, 2006 HyperStealth DESTEX (Desert Texture) Camouflage and new MCU (Military Combat Uniform) design

January 12, 2006  Hollywood Movie "The Last Sentinel" to use HyperStealth's SpecAm Desert Viper Uniforms

January 1, 2006 SpecAm Weapons Disruption Coatings

New Article November 13, 2005: SpecAm Desert Jackal Camouflage

Oct 26, 2005 HyperStealth Breaking News: Phase one, Analog to Digital Camouflage Conversion Project complete – 150 world camouflage patterns now pixelated and protected

New Article October 20, 2005: SpecAm UT (Urbanized Terrain)

New Article October 19, 2005: King Abdullah Underscores Jordan will be Stronger than all Circumstances

New Article October 16, 2005: SpecAm HCD™ (High Contrast Disruption™) Woodland

New Article October 9, 2005: Satellite Determined - Regional Specific SpecAm Camouflage

New Article October 4, 2005: King Abdullah honors Jordan's Special Forces

New Article October 1, 2005: Desert Vipers in the Sand - SpecAm Desert Viper revealed

New Article September 28, 2005: King Abdullah shows Confidence and Pride for Jordan's Public Security Department

New Article September 27, 2005: Jordanian Police transition to their new KA2 Advanced Digital Urban Camouflage

Press Release September 22, 2005: HyperStealth® Camouflage goes Biotechnical

New Article September 3, 2005: The Science of SpecAm Digital Camouflage

New Article August 17, 2005: Something Wicked This Way Comes: New Special Operations (SpecAm) Digital Camouflage

New Article July 28, 2005: Special Forces issued with the new Woodland Digital KA2 pattern

New Article June 29, 2005: KA2 Digital Camouflage Program Update

New Article June 12, 2005: Jordan Armed Forces modernization continues with wide scale issue of new KA2 Digital Camouflage

New Article June 6, 2005: Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan celebrates Army day with new KA2 Digital Camouflage

New Article June 4, 2005: Kingdom of Jordan takes lead in Advanced Digital Camouflage with KA2 pattern

The Science of Digital Camouflage Design

Jordanian troops issued new Desert Digital Battle Dress Uniforms

Jordanian SPECOPS Adopt New High-Tech Night and Woodland Digital Camo article

Police Units in the Kingdom of Jordan to be issued new Advanced Digital Urban Camouflage Designated PSD Urban

National Counter-Terrorism Center selects TACAM Camouflage as their Exclusive Official Pattern

"MilTex" Millennium Texture Series Camouflage

Dual Texture - U.S. Army digital camouflage

Tiger Stripe Camouflage goes Digital

New Digital U.S. Army Combat Uniform eliminates Black in pattern.

World Leaders in Digital Camouflage Pattern Development. Using proprietary technology HyperStealth® now has over 200 different advanced digital patterns available to license by governments click here.

HyperStealth® has just come out with our first recreational (Civilian) digital camouflage patterns available to license. You can see those patterns here: HyperStealth® Recreational Digital Camouflage

Digital Camouflage History

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