Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan celebrates Army day with new KA2 Digital Camouflage


His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan was wearing Jordan's new Armed Forces Desert Digital camouflage on the occasion of Army Day, June 6th 2005 New Royal Guard Digital Woodland Camouflage shown for first time on Right / Click image above to enlarge

 Army Day in Jordan - Jordan Desert Digital uniforms as far as the eye can see Click image to enlarge

King Meets Senior Members of the Armed Forces, Security Departments


Amman, June 6 (Petra)--His Majesty King Abdullah II directed the government to allocate a percentage of the shares of companies that will be privatized, for members of the Jordanian armed forces, the security departments and retired military personnel through  selling these shares to them with preferential prices and
facilitating the process of repaying their prices.

His Majesty affirmed, during a meeting at the Royal Court with senior army and security departments officials on the occasion of the Army Day and the Great Arab Revolt Day, his keenness to provide dignified life and a standard of living that suits members of the armed forces and security departments, for their sacrifices and
loyalty to their homeland. "I am aware that the development gains should benefit all citizens, particularly members of the armed forces, the Security Department, the General Intelligence and the Civil Defence Department," the King added, noting that the march of reform and development should reflect on the standards of living of citizens.

The King said that the armed forces and the security apparatus will protect the march of reform. "As you have always been the protectors of the homeland and its accomplishments, you are today the ones who are able to protect the march of reform, modernization and development," he added.

The King expressed keenness to provide the armed forces with all means of strength, know-how , training and equipments, so that they remain a source of pride and an example for competence, professionalism and ability to achieve accomplishments.

Jordan, the King said, had achieved over the past six years, many economic, social and political accomplishments, noting that
attempts to undermine our national achievements, defamation and the exchange of accusations, harm the bright image of the homeland and puts obstacles on the path of the march of achievements. His Majesty called for putting an end to these attempts.

His Majesty affirmed that the reform is a national program that will continue, noting that it is not linked to specific people or a
stage. "Reform is a program for building the ideal homeland where all citizens are equal ," he said. Jordan, His Majesty said, should be the homeland of justice, equality, freedom, pluralism and the respect of opinion and counter opinion.

The meeting was attended by Chief of the Hashemite Royal Court, Faisal Al Fayez, Minister of the Hashemite Royal Court, Dr. Marwan Muasher, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and directors of the departments of public security, civil defence and the general Intelligence.

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