Update January 17, 2007 - The factory in China has just provided a firm date (end of March 2007) for completing the Spec4ce and SpecAm assembly. At that point they will ship the uniforms to us by container and we will then ship to our Pre-Order customers in the order that we received the orders (the first to be shipped will be those who ordered first).  

Patterns may be licensed only with permission.

Spec4ce/SpecAm Series 1 Assembly Status

(November 27, 2006, Vancouver, B.C.) HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp. Spec4ce production material is completed. Assembly of the uniform was to begin in August, however, this was delayed and now we've received word that the uniform assembly will not begin until early 2007, due to a large 100,000+ order from another customer to the assembly factory which bumped our 240 uniform order. This is one of the largest uniform assembly factories in the world and they provide the majority of military uniforms to countries in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. I am awaiting clarification on the sample uniform and expected date of delivery. I will update all customers when I have that information. At this point there is no factory that can assemble to our ECU (Elite Combat Uniform) specs with the Negative Ion Generator Emission device except for the one we are dealing with. We have never had problems with this company in the past and it just seems to be bad timing for our order.

We are very upset about this situation as I have numerous SWAT teams and Military personnel waiting for these orders and a few countries that want to evaluate these patterns for their Armed Forces or Police. There is nothing more we can do to hurry this up. Our uniform material is light weight so a late winter early spring delivery should allow more appropriate weather conditions to use or evaluate these uniforms for the customers. Be advised that we offer full refunds to all cancelled orders and we have a list of people waiting to order uniforms from the colors schemes which have sold out.

When (and if) we get to Series 2, we will do this differently to avoid these delays. We have had offers from factories in Canada and the USA to print the fabric and we've had other offers to assemble the uniforms in Canada but costs go up and we want to provide something affordable without getting 1000 sets minimum made of each color scheme.

The past month (with no uniforms to ship out) I have been skinning (a term used in gaming to modify the clothing of a character) soldiers with the Spec4ce and SpecAm patterns to show a scale representation of the different color schemes. This particular game is urban/city based which is why we have these concrete/asphalt brick backgrounds. Our company is working with Zombie studios on two different games due out next year which will be using some of our patterns in the games. The screen shots below are not from those Zombie Studios games. Click to Enlarge the images.

Spec4ce Series 1 below:

Spec4ce Tropical Spec4ce Woodland Spec4ce Forest Spec4ce Desert Dune Spec4ce Urban Spec4ce Metro

Spec4ce Series 2 game images (not yet available to order) can be seen here

SpecAm Series 1 game images (available order) can be seen here

SpecAm Series 2 game images (not yet available to order) can be seen here


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 Patterns may be licensed only with permission.

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