HyperStealth® SpecAm Pre-Order Page


SpecAm Pre-Order Page

Note we cannot sell SpecAm uniforms to the United States - this is due to a licensing issue. United States customers instead can order the Spec4ce series 

March 12, 2007 We have finalized the assembly and only SpecAm in specific sizes are left to Pre-order, please contact us to see if your size is still available.

Sept 30, 2006 Uniform assembly is being done with one prototype for approval before the 240 uniforms are completed.

Nov. 27, 2006 Assembly of the uniform was to begin in August, however, this was delayed and now we've received word that the uniform assembly will not begin until early 2007, due to a large 100,000+ order from another customer to the assembly factory which bumped our 240 uniform order. Please go here for the latest information and images.

March 9, 2006: For our first production run (SpecAm and Spec4ce) - manufacturing numbers are finalized – due to the 2 patterns and 6 color schemes (12 distinct sets) we are only manufacturing 20 uniforms in each color in each pattern in 8 different sizes for each set of 20 – 240 sets total (120 SpecAm and 120 Spec4ce). All Pre-orders at this time can and will be filled.

May 6, 2006 A legal delay has held up production for the past three months, however this issue with SpecAm and Spec4ce has been resolved to allow production to begin in May and expected delivery to buyers around August 2006.

Currently we are taking pre-orders for Alpha series SpecAm Jackets, Pants, Boonie Hats and our newest addition - Patrol Caps.

HyperStealth will continue to take pre-orders at this time. The orders will be shipped on a first to pre-order basis as there will be limited quantities produced on this first run.  All SpecAm customers were informed of these delays prior to this notice on the web site.

All prices are in Canadian funds (You can convert to your own currency when ordering). We add an additional 15% for shipping.

As of May 6, 2006 $1.00 CAD (Canadian) = 0.903587 USD (1 USD = 1.10670 CAD) see www.xe.com for up to date conversions of most major currencies.

Canadian Residents will be charged 6% GST (Goods and Services Tax)

You are responsible for any duties imposed on the shipment to your country.

SpecAm Color Schemes available to order (links at bottom of page for more details on each pattern) Colors from the production run may be different than the evaluation colors shown below:

SpecAm Tropical SpecAm Desert Viper SpecAm HCD (High Contrast Disruption) Woodland SpecAm UT (Urbanized Terrain)


SpecAm Standard Woodland

SpecAm Urban Dark

We have finalized the assembly and only SpecAm in specific sizes are left to Pre-order, please contact us to see if your size is still available.

 Uniform Size Chart Jacket Pants
Small/Regular 33 - 37" 27 - 31" 29˝ - 32˝"
Small/Long 33 - 37" 27 - 31" 32˝ - 35˝"
Medium/Regular 37 - 41" 31 - 35" 29˝ - 32˝"
Medium/Long 37 - 41" 31 - 35" 32˝ - 35˝"
Large/Regular 41 - 45" 35 - 39" 29˝ - 32˝"
Large/Long 41 - 45" 35 - 39" 32˝ - 35˝"
X Large/Regular 45 - 49" 39 - 43" 29˝ - 32˝"
X Large/Long 45 - 49" 39 - 43" 32˝ - 35˝"
Order Jacket $70.00 Canadian
Color Scheme


Finding your hat size

Place a tape measure around your head. Your measurement in inches or centimeters is converted into the proper hat size.

Inches CM Hat Size
21 1/8" 54 6 3/4
22" 56 7
22 3/4" 58 7 1/4
23 1/2" 60 7 1/2
24 3/8" 62 7 3/4





Order Pants $70.00 Canadian
Color Scheme






Order Boonie Hat $20.00 Canadian
Color Scheme


Order Patrol Cap $20.00 Canadian
Color Scheme





SpecAm Uniform Specs:

100% lightweight cotton
Buttoned front closure
Wide Brim Bonnie hat
Mandarin collar that can be worn up or down
Tilted chest pockets with Velcro closure

Elbow pouch for internal elbow pad inserts, external access with Velcro Closure
Knee pouch for internal knee pad inserts, external access with Velcro Closure
Large tilted Raid shoulder pockets with Velcro
Three-slot pen pocket on bottom of sleeve
wrist cuff for optional rolling of sleeves
Velcro sleeve cuff closure
8 pocket pants with
adjustable waist
Large combat belt loops

Forward tilted cargo pockets with Velcro
Buttoned back pockets
Bellowed calf storage pocket on left and right leg with Velcro
Draw String leg cuff

For the ACU with the addition of shoulder protection, leg holsters, packs, and extra harnesses for modern special operations it was decided to remove all buttons from pockets on the ACU except for the back pockets where they are concealed. Under combat conditions, soldiers with proper training have been able to maintain the Velcro so it continues to be clean. Zippers from the ACU (used for the same reason Velcro is used on the pocket closures) were replaced on the SpecAm with button fly and concealed button opening on the jacket as the zippers tend to jamb with sand, dirt and debris.    

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