HyperStealth® SpecAm - HCD (High Contrast Disruption) Woodland

SpecAm HCD (High Contrast Disruption) Woodland:

SpecAm HCD Woodland

Same colors Dry (Left) Wet (Right)

(October 16, 2005, Vancouver, B.C.) HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp. reveals the first authorized photos of the SpecAm HCD Woodland uniform.

SpecAm HCD woodland was a special request for a Southeast Asian country's Special Forces for Jungle operations. The country was looking for colors which they were currently using on their camouflage rather than switching to SpecAm Tropical.

The brightest color is somewhat brighter than seen in traditional woodland camouflage to simulate the colors typical of the region where plants have a high reflection off the waxy leaves. However, the primary reason for this bright color is that when the material gets wet the color actually becomes a common color of the region as the remainder of the camouflage darkens, the high percentage of the bright layer that has dimmed enough to continue to blend into the background. This contrast allows the uniform to continue to Blend/Disrupt in both Dry and Wet conditions which occur on a daily basis.

Typically when camouflage cloth gets wet the colors will become to dark to effectively conceal in forested or jungle as plants tend to retain a similar hue when wet. The Fader Pixels unique in the SpecAm pattern help this brighter color look like a few different colors where these small pixels are equally dispersed.

Why call it HCD woodland when it was designed for the Jungle?

The color scheme actually covers vast areas of Woodland Temperate regions where the bark of the birch tree is very light.

HyperStealth, being located in British Columbia (Map at Right), is well aware of the white bark found on the Paper birch tree (Dark region of the Province)
(Betula papyrifera) A small to medium-sized tree, often with many stems, up to 30 metres tall. In forests, it has a slender trunk that often curves before extending to the narrow, oval-shaped crown. In the open, the crown is pyramid-shaped.

 As you can see from maps provided at the end of this paper SpecAm HCD Woodland camouflage is well suited to regions that have white/grey birch trees such as Canada, UK, Europe, Russia, Japan...

There are similarities to British DPM (Disruptive Pattern Material) however the green is darker than DPM while the brown is almost the same. The darkest color is actually Dark Green.

This color scheme is being made available for the Alpha series (civilian market) as we believe that the woodland colors and bright layer will work best for those regions which have birch and other white/gray bark trees, the green in the HCD version is also similar to the leaves of birch trees. 

Occurrences of Birch tree species - click images to enlarge

Occurrences of Birch tree species - click images to enlarge

The photos on this site are of the SpecAm HCD color scheme (color differences are due to different lighting conditions).

The uniform design for the HCD Woodland is a temperate weather version of the ACU (Army Combat Uniform) without zippers using 100% tightly woven cotton:

SpecAm HCD Woodland Boonie hat on top of British DPM 84 for color comparison.

SpecAm Alpha series uniforms in this color scheme is now available to Pre-order from HyperStealth.

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