KA2 Digital Camouflage Program Update

Amman, June 29, 2005 (Petra)-- His Majesty King Abdullah II, the Supreme Commander of the Jordan Armed Forces, attended on Wednesday a military exercise that was performed by one of the units of King Abdullah II Armored Group/3.

The King was briefed, in the presence of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, on the exercise that was carried out by the unit.

The King is seen in the new KA2 Desert Digital camouflage for the Jordan Army and Air Force. The non-combat Head dress for regular forces is styled on the German WWII Africa Corps M43 cap. The M43 cap finds it's roots in the ski caps used by the  mountain troops as well as the Afrika Korps troops. The style of cap is still used by a number of countries and testing in Jordan has shown it is better designed for the desert environment than typical military caps.

Special Forces commanders seen in current U.S. Woodland in the photo will convert shortly to Special Forces Woodland Digital (pictured below right) with colors better suited to the Jordan Desert and Forest environments.

KA2 Special Forces Woodland Digital (Below Right) and shown with the Civil Defense Directorate Blue Urban Digital uniform (Below Far Left) under different lighting conditions. The Civil Defense Directorate includes the Kingdom’s firefighters, ambulance personnel, and an Intelligence Service.


New digital patterns for Night Operations based on the latest camouflage research have been approved for evaluation by Jordan's Counter Terrorism Battalion and are currently being prototyped in limited quantities for trials.

Phase 1 of KA2 Digital Vehicle Camouflage was completed on a Suburban with the help of 3M Commercial Graphics Division with ScotchPrint and ScotchCal window coating

Phase 1 trials of KA2 Digital Vehicle Camouflage was completed on a Suburban with the help of 3M Commercial Graphics Division with Scotchprint® and ScotchCal® window coating - the occupants can see out these windows (pictured in Vancouver, Canada 2004).  Installation by National Graphic Solutions Inc. www.ngsi.net Click image to enlarge. Phase 2 of the KA2 Digital Vehicle Camouflage trials is set for the Summer of 2005 in Jordan using new Anti-Thermal and Anti-Infrared coatings, 3M is working with HyperStealth® Corp. and the Military Office of His Majesty to develop this new military concealment application technology.

This vehicle was featured with Jordan's Counter-Terrorism Battalion (CTB 71) at the World SWAT Challenge in Nevada 2005

3M, ScotchPrint and ScotchCal are registered trademarks of 3M

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