King Abdullah honors Jordan's Special Forces


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His Majesty, King Abdullah wearing the new Special Forces Woodland digital uniform meeting with the Jordanian Cabinet

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Below the King meets with the Romanian Foreign Minister

Special Forces Woodland Digital

(Oct. 4, 2004, Vancouver, B.C.) HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp. provided information last week from His Majesty King Abdullah through His Military Office, regarding the new PSD Digital Urban camouflage for Jordan's Police (Public Security Department or PSD).


Today His Majesty attended a graduation ceremony for the General Customs Departments held at the Special Operations School while wearing their new Special Forces Woodland digital uniform the King had commissioned for the Armed Forces. The King personally selected the Special Forces color scheme. 


The Jordan "KA2" digital pattern camouflage leads the world in concealment ability. Six different color variations were designed for the Jordanian Armed Forces, Police and Civil Defence.


Before becoming King, His Majesty was the Commander of the Royal Jordanian Special Forces and Special Operations Commander. King Abdullah II holds a number of decorations from various countries. He is a qualified frogman, pilot and a free-fall parachutist.


King Patronizes Graduation Ceremony

Amman, Oct. 4 (Petra)--His Majesty King Abdullah II, the Supreme Commander of the Jordan Armed Forces patronized the graduation ceremony of a training course, that was held at the Prince Hashem Bin Al Hussein School for Special Operations for a number of employees from the General Customs Department. Director general of the department Ala'a Batayneh noted the importance of holding such courses for the department's employees. He valued efforts and role of the armed forces in training the department's employees and enabling them to gain the necessary skills that help in combating drugs and smuggling operations. His Majesty also attended, in the presence of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, a military show with the participation of members of the special operations forces.

King Abdullah II receives Romanian foreign minister

Oct. 04 (Petra)--His Majesty King Abdullah II on Tuesday received Romanian foreign minister who handed His Majesty a message from Romanian President Traian Basescu on bilateral relations between the two countries and prospects of developing them in the various fields. His Majesty reviewed development of current situations in the region , particularly on the Palestinian and Iraqi arenas . He stressed the importance of international community's support to fulfill peace in the Middle East region, in order to enable its peoples achieve progress and development. Ungureanu expressed appreciation on the King's endeavors to achieve peace in the region. He expressed his country's keenness on developing relations of cooperation with Jordan , particularly in the economic fields. He pointed out that His Majesty's visit to Romania in May last year contributed to boosting the relations between the two countries who held a number of cooperation agreements in order to promote trade exchange and establish joint ventures.

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