The Kingdom of Jordan hosts their SOFEX (Special Operation Exhibition)


His Majesty King Abdullah II on Wednesday visited the Public Security Department PSD and met with Director of PSD General Mohammad Majed Eitan. The King is wearing the KA2 Special Forces Digital Woodland and the General Eitan is in the KA2 PSD (Police) Urban Digital Click image above to enlarge

Photos of His Majesty and Guests attending SOFEX March 28, 2006 Click images below to enlarge

U.S. Army representatives wearing their new Universal Camouflage (above)

Prince Feisal opens SOFEX in
Amman, March 28, 2006
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Prince Feisal attended an exercise for Special operation on combating terrorism and liberating abducted hostages in a bus in a collaboration with drones in addition to a free-fall. Participants from Jordan, UAE, Oman, and USA took part in the exercise.

The Russian Helicopter Ka-226 (of interest to Jordan) features the characteristic Kamov co-axial contra-rotating rotor and absence of a tail rotor.

A new landing craft designed for Special Forces by the King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau

HyperStealth has been working with the Military Office of His Majesty to develop a cost effective and simple way to place complex digital patterns on military vehicles and aircraft. A breakthrough by HyperStealth in this technology was just made last week. Digital patterns in these two photos are HyperStealth mockups. 

(March 29, 2006, Vancouver, B.C.) The Kingdom of Jordan Armed Forces proudly wore KA2 Digital Camouflage at their biannual SOFEX Special Operation Exhibition.


The KA2 digital camouflage pattern was developed in 2003 by HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp., a Canadian company based in Vancouver, B.C. after King Abdullah commissioned Guy Cramer, President and CEO of HyperStealth, to design an advanced digital camouflage pattern (called KA2) for Jordan's Army / Air Force, Navy, Special Forces, Royal Guard, Public Security (Police) and Civil Defense.  To-date 390,000 uniforms have been manufactured in six different color schemes.

Prince Feisal opens the Special Operations Forces Exhibition (SOFEX)
Amman, March 28(Petra)-- Deputizing for His Majesty King Abdullah II, Prince Feisal inaugurated the three-day exhibition which is held every two years.


Prince Feisal toured the five permanent hall of the exhibition, where 280 firms from 50 countries from across the globe displayed their art-of-state technology and equipment. Wardat/Petra

King Visits PSD
Amman, March 29 (Petra) -- His Majesty King Abdullah II, the Supreme Commander of the Jordanian Armed Forces on Wednesday visited the Public Security Department (PSD) and met with the Director of PSD, General Mohammad Majed Eitan, who briefed King Abdullah on the human and social services provided for Jordanian citizens by the PSD.

King Abdullah expressed his confidence and trust in members of the PSD and their continued efforts to preserve the security and stability of the homeland, noting too the importance of enhancing relations between the policemen and citizens.

King visits SOFEX pavilions
Amman, March 29 (
Petra) -- His Majesty King Abdullah II on Wednesday visited the Special Operations Forces Exhibition (SOFEX) 2006 opened at King Abdullah Airbase in Marka.

The King toured the exhibition halls and examined the displays of firms from the
US, France, Germany, Britain, and Australia taking part in the exhibition.

Nearly 300 firms from 50 countries from across the globe took part in the exhibition.

The King viewed the latest state-of-the-art technology displayed by a Russian company specializing in helicopters.  Jordan has expressed a firm interest in purchasing the Ka-226 model.

During his brief visit to SOFEX His Majesty also examined the latest offerings from the King Abdullah Design and Development Center (KADD) in the field of designing and developing military and civilian vehicles.


CD Director General meets with delegates taking part in SOFEX

Amman, March 29 (Petra)-- The Civil Defense Director General Major Gen. Major General Awwad Saleem Masaid met a number of delegates who are currently visiting the Kingdom to take part in the Special Operations Forces Exhibition.

During the meetings with various delegations, Masaid discussed with them issues of common concern and means of enhancing cooperation between Jordanian CD and other countries to achieve their common goals.


HyperStealth is developing new camouflage patterns for the Jordanian Counter Terrorism Battalion 71, using recent research findings that have advanced the knowledge and understanding of special concealment techniques in urban and night settings.   


Jordan continues to develop and expand their digital concealment programs with HyperStealth® Biotechnology Corp. for their Military and Security Vehicles, Equipment and Aircraft.

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